OCTOBER 6-8, 2017


Friday Noon-6p; Saturday 10a-6p; Sunday 10a-2p Street Dance Friday & Saturday 6p-10p

Entrance to Fairgrounds is free. Spectator fee charged for Speedway (does not apply to VIP registrants).

Highlights include Saturday police escorted Remembrance Ride over Shasta Dam, demo rides indoor dealer show, exhibitors, food vendors, Sunday worship service, bike blessing, drill team performances, stunt bike performances, bike games, bike show, burn out contest, music, evening street dances on Friday and Saturday.

Print and bring the registration form to Thursday's pre-registration event or to the Fair & Event Center on Friday. If you are riding in the Remembrance Ride only, you can bring your registration form with you to ride staging. The stickers for Shaasta Dam will be given out at the Remembrance Ride staging location. 2017 Registration Form. If you're registering for the bike show, complete and return this form.

VIP PACKAGE - Parking inside the Fair & Event all days, Fri guided ride, 1 Fri meal ticket, 1 bike pass for the SATURDAY Remembrance Ride (staging in Redding) over Shasta Dam, 1 Saturday lunch ticket (German/Filipino/American, scenic guided ride to return to Fair & Event Center, 1 ticket for entry to Speedway (also includes parking inside Speedway if you want to do the bike games), $5 discount for bottle of wine from Coffee House Wines, 1 entry to Sunday bike show, 1 event pin and discount for event t-shirt. You'll also get a chance to win a Harley XG750A Street Rod in Vivid Black; Yamaha Bolt C Special or V Star 950 or Z 450 or Waverunner EX.

RIDER $60 ($65 after Sept. 15)22. ADD PASSENGER $40 (does not include separate bike pass).

SATURDAY REMEMBRANCE RIDE OVER SHASTA DAM (in honor of founder Doug Carney) - 1 bike entry, 1 Saturday lunch at the Veterans Hall (German/Filipino/American), 1 event pin and discount for event t-shirt. Additional lunches may be purchased on site. Ride will stage and leave from downtown Redding (kick stands up at 11:00a). Does not include Shasta Speedway Saturday spectator/track fee. $25 by Sept. 15)22; $30 after Sept. 22.
SUNDAY BIKE SHOW - 1 bike entry, 1 Friday meal ticket, 1 event pin and discount for event t-shirt. Does not include Shasta Speedway spectator/track fee. $15 by Sept. 15)22; $20 after Sept. 22.
Back design logo on front. Prices are presale only with registration. $13 mens short sleeve or ladies tank sizes S-XL. $16 mens 2XL-4XL & ladies tank 2XL